Asshurt's Privacy Policy

What Data We Collect

Asshurt collects Personal Information for the purposes of provision, development and personalization of the Site(s), services and/or products. specifically, Asshurt collects personal information for the purposes of personal communication with you in order to respond to your questions, and fulfill your requests, along to prevent license sharing. Such information may include, among other information, IP addresses, and other unique identifiers. These data will be used in the events you have registered an account with us, use of our website, or use of Asshurt's Products to prevent license sharing, distribution, and reselling, and to help assist you with forgotten license information. Your Personal Information will not be revealed to any third parties without your prior consent, unless required otherwise by legal regulations, or cases, when it is necessary for processing of your order, fulfilling of your request, or providing interactive customer service and Asshurt's products and services improvement. At the same time you are giving Asshurt the right to store and collect information submitted to Asshurt.