Apply For The Team

We are so happy to hear that you are interested in joining the team! The success of SirHurt relies on its staff so please do take your time when filling in the application below. We take pride in having a robust recruitment process to find the best of the best. So please allow up to 7 days to hear back while our HR team go through your application in detail.


>Does the Team get paid?

SirHurt is comprised of hard-working individuals that come together over their love of exploiting and passion of the role they want to take on. Therefore, our staff members volunteer their time and work to help create an incredible service and all roles are volunteer positions.

>What is the process of applying on the team?

After your application is completed and submitted, please allow up to 7 days to hear back while our HR team goes through your application in detail. If your application is successful, it will then be passed on to the relevant department Team Lead which will assign you the proper roles. They will reach out to you and schedule a time to ask any additional questions. This whole process may take up to 14 days but may vary depending on availability of staff members and the applicant to take further steps in the process.

>Do I need to own the service to be on the staff?

It is not required to own our service in order to be a staff member unless stated otherwise in the position requirements, but it is strongly suggested and preferred. This way, you can enjoy the fruits of your labour and understand the type of style Asshurt is comprised of.

>Do I need any experience in order to be on the team?

Experience is always more helpful in some positions, especially for the Support team when using specific programs and adjusting to a specific style of support. However, not having experience does not exclude your application from being reviewed and considered. If you are bilingual this will be bonus points.

>How much time do I need to spend to adequately fill the needs of the role?

SirHurt is a volunteer effort. Although time consuming at times, you can fit your role into your everyday life. Many of our staff members fit their duties in between work, school, and other regulated activities. We understand our staff and applicants may have these circumstances and we'll help accommodate them to better serve their role on the team.

>What is the age requirement in order to apply?

You will need to be at least 13 years old in order to apply for a role at SirHurt. Some roles do require for you to be older than 13 but this will be specified on the ‘requirements’ tab for each role.

>How do I apply?

Join our discord server by clicking one of the job roles on this page. Head over to the channel named 'application-center' after joining our discord server.

Open Positions

>Moderation Department

⭐Chat Moderator

>Customer Service Department

⭐Customer Support Representative

>Public Relations Department

⭐Public Relations Representative

>Ban Appeals Department

⭐Ban Appeals Representative